Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking Kids to the Price Dinosaur Museum

Today on our way home from camping (more on that later),
we stopped in Price to go to the dinosaur museum.
I had often wanted to go,
but today we happened to have time and were passing by,
and thought, why not?
It turned out to be a great day for a museum visit--
admission was free.
We spent a happy hour and a half in the exhibit halls.
I could have stayed longer, especially on the archaeological stuff,
but I figured we'd better quit before the kids got too tired.
There were a lot of impressive skeletons,
including this very cool mammoth (above).
Also there were a lot of interactive things,
like this reproduction Ute tipi:

Sophie especially liked the 'excavation sand boxes'
in the kids' corner.
She made all the little plastic dinosaurs circle around neatly.

They had a lot of fun in the sand boxes.
There were also large magnetic puzzles
(with dinosaur body parts)
and coloring pages and hand puppets--
it was very well designed for kids.

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