Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sophie and sand

Yes, the way to get this girl happy is to put her in a sandbox...
or take her hiking up Little Wild Horse slot canyon.
She was a pretty good hiker.
Of course we only went about 3 miles total of the 8.5 mile loop,
and we took several hours,
and stopped a lot to play.
I figured, why press things?
Quit while you're ahead, then everybody has a good time.
Especially with kids.
She was tired the last half mile or so,
and I had to bribe her with candy.
But though there were some moans of 'I'm tired,'
there were no tantrums or tears,
so I got off lucky.
Even Ethan didn't complain too much
(though his feet were wet and sandy from the puddles.)
They all did very well.

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