Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neighborhood Cats

My sister's neighborhood has several cats.
Sophie likes the cats very much,
and often plays with them.
The other evening I snapped this picture as Jasmine,
one of the local cats,
tried to get a whiff of what Sophie was drinking
(probably soy milk).
It was so cute I asked Sophie to pick Jasmine up for some more pictures.
"I don't want to. Jasmine bites me."
(Hmmm... just how nicely have you been playing with Jasmine,
Fortunately, along came another neighborhood cat,
one that either is
a) more mellow, or
b) more used to being mauled by neighborhood children,
and we got a good picture.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Thanks for the cute pictures!! I love the one with the black kitty especially!! Actually Sophie is mostly very sweet with Jasmine, it's the other neighbor kids that have made the cat so skittish.