Sunday, September 12, 2010

Funny Faces

The conventional wisdom is that when people have a good time,
they smile.
Well, it's probably a good index,
especially in figuring out kids' reactions to things.
I remember my niece Emeline always used to look very withdrawn in all of her birthday pictures in her young years.
I don't think she was comfortable being the center of attention.
And the niece in these photos likewise is expressing her reactions.
I took her to Lagoon yesterday.
She had been very excited to go,
and she said she liked it.
Except for the shrieks from various rides
and the rattles of the roller coaster.
She regarded most of the rides as "scary"
but did get on the kiddie boats and the little planes.
She SAID she liked them,
but her expressions of liking, if so, are a bit unusual...

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