Thursday, November 22, 2007

Legendary Pizza Family Style

After a jolly day yesterday which included a breakfast of hearty oatmeal, a walk in the park, and an afternoon of Jared preparing turkey in the kitchen (while we all snacked for lunch) we were quite hungry by evening.
We decided to go out for Abby's Legendary Pizza, a popular chain in the Northwest which Sarah assured me was quite good.
We started out with fried potato slices as appetizers:

Here is the pizza.
Vegetarian Greek with lots of veggies, including spinach and artichoke hearts, and a white creamy sauce and lots of roasted garlic cloves. YUM!

Sam likes to eat his pizza crust first:

Ellie really enjoyed the rootbeer, patiently delivered through a straw.
You can see it dripping off her chin!

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