Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Jollifications in Canyonlands

We were camped at Murphy C campsite for Halloween night.
It has a really cool rock with hollows and ledges, and we put up candles (carefully contained in tea lights) as our decorations.

Kyle brought a gorilla costume, which he donned for trick-or-treating at our neighbors' camps.
(There are 3 sites at the top of Murphy Hogback, all widely scattered.)
The neighbors were apparently very amused and shared homemade treats with them, but declined our offer of candy in return.

I also made a cheesecake for Halloween (using a no-bake Jello brand mix),
but we were all too sugared out to eat it Halloween night.
I left it chilling in the cooler and we had it for breakfast the next morning.
It sure tasted good out there in the backcountry!

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