Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter is a good time for Cemeteries

...especially if those cemeteries are Cool Historical ones.

I particularly admired this winged cherub head (emblematic of the resurrected soul) on the grave of Mrs. Lydia Procter, in King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston.

Who can resist a winged skull paired with a heart on the tombstone of Matthew Skinner, 1713?
(Boston's Old Granary Burying Ground)

Our favored epitaph of the visit came from Copp's Hill,
the gravestone of Charles Seward, Revolutionary war soldier,
d. 1800.
" The lonely turf where silence lays her head,
The mound where pity sighs for hon[ore]d dead,
Such is the grief where sorrow now doth sigh:
To learn to live is but to learn to die."

Later but certainly not lesser...
What visit to Boston would be complete without a stroll through the beautiful Mt. Auburn cemetery?

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Sarah said...

I think I am going to have Minnie Mouse carved on your headstone.