Sunday, April 15, 2007

Camping near Arches

On this last campout, I made breakfast for the OAC.
This is a variation of English bread pudding...
but in order to fool the students into eating it, I called it French toast.
It's the same ingredients, anyway, just layered and baked in a dutch oven.

It was very cold overnight (there was some frost in the morning) and everyone was very happy to have a hot breakfast. I was too cold to sleep in, so I was up at dawn, starting the fire, wearing my clothes over my pajamas to keep warm! (Sorry, no picture of that.)

We had hoped to camp near Moab but all the campgrounds were full.
So we headed out toward Canyonlands and got a good site at Horsethief Campground.
Some of the folks opted to sleep out, despite the cold.
The stars were incredible!

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CStanford said...

Reminds me of camping at Arches in Spring of 2002 - I think it was late March - with some friends. It was chilly then too. Is it usually so cool in April too? When I was there with Joe & co. in April 2001 it was pretty warm, I seem to remember . . .