Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Mystery

For Valentine's Day, I had purchased a pot of tulips for myself (and then weakened and also bought some chocolates.) I brought cookies and candy for my two classes, and wore a red sweater that day, and I got several phone calls and a valentine in the mail from Mom. So I was feeling quite happy and loved.
Then, on the morning of the 15th, I got up at 5 am to go to the temple, and as I was pulling out of the garage I spotted something on my doorstep. (I can see my doorstep best when I leave, but not as well when I pull in.) Aha, thinks I, someone has left a Valentine goody on my doorstep! So I parked the car and went over to investigate. (You can read the labels on the valentines if you enlarge the picture.)
I think I picked up the snake first. I was absolutely delighted, and somewhat puzzled. Who knew me well enough to remember my python's name? Probably not my visiting teachers. Next, I looked at the bag of chocolates, and my puzzlement deepened. Not only did I not recognize the handwriting, the "name" of the giver is a joke that very few people know. It must be Emily, thinks I, and she always gets up early. So I called her on her mobile phone. A very sleepy voice answered me (oops) and when I thanked her for the valentines, she claimed she had nothing to do with it. Ha, ha, thinks I; enough is enough, stop pretending. No, really, she didn't know who the giver was.
It took me awhile to believe her, but then I thought of another candidate. Sarah, who has contacts in Utah. I hadn't thought of her at first because we spoke on the phone and she was such a sly boots, she never even hinted. (I would have hinted. I can't keep secrets like that.) But when I called her later in the evening, she finally solved the mystery for me: she had commissioned Jenilyn to bring me a surprise valentine!
What a wonderful family and friends I have!
I especially LOVE that plastic snake!!

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