Saturday, December 1, 2012

For measuring and decorating a tree, nothing beats a tall nephew

Today we got our Christmas tree!
With a little help from my sister, niece and especially nephew.
There is a very nice tree lot in the neighborhood,
and we went to look at flocked trees,
because my parents and I have a nostalgia for flocked trees.
There were a lot of shapes and sizes,
but I was drawn to a tall thin lodge pole pine
(didn't want anything too wide, 
as we didn't have a very big space for it.)

Well, our tree - the flocked one-
isn't actually super tall,
which is a good thing because our ceilings are not super high.
Ethan here, who just measured at 6 foot 4 inches,
is actually a pretty good measuring stick for the tree.
Within a few inches of his head is a good height!

Then the nice folks bagged up the tree and put it on the car
for the short drive back home.

Not all that heavy- Ethan managed quite well...


Next step was to get the kids wired up--
on doughnuts and with lights--
and help trim the tree.

 The advantages of a 6'4" nephew are great.
No more stepstool!
All he has to do is reach up.

Lodgepole pine trunks were used by the Nez Perce
to make tipi poles.
This tree would still be a bit short for that--
if the tipi were to house an Ethan!

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