Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have a ranking system for my photographs.
One is dreadful- I only keep these if they are old sentimental pictures.
Two is bad- I only keep these if they are for study purposes
(for example, a building in Europe I am researching).
Three is fine. Most of my photos are threes.
There's nothing wrong with a three, but there's nothing special either.
A four is a good photo-- very nice, good light, good expression, etc.
A five means "I would enter this in a photo contest."
I am rigorous with my self-ranking,
and I rarely give out fives.
It has to be a pretty spectacular photo to get a five.
But on my last trip to Canyonlands,
I got several fives.
All of the above are 'fives'
and were taken shortly after sunrise
at Musselman Arch on the White Rim Road
(I got up way before dawn to drive out there,
so I am pleased that my efforts paid off!!)

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