Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Amazing Fred

Thirty pounds of berries are an awful lot to wash and hull,
even if I did give away about 10 pounds of them.
So I was really doing about 20 pounds,
but it took me a big chunk of the afternoon.
Thank goodness I had my Fred.
Fred is a Really Great Tool I bought from Pampered Chef.
It scoops out the hull very nicely.
(You can also use it on tomatoes.)
Ethan likes using Fred so much,
he was willing to help me for most of the chore.
After the berries were washed and hulled,
we put them on cooling racks--
so that I could lay them in the freezer,
without them clumping into a solid unusable mass.
I plan to make smoothies with them.
(Hooray for my Vitamix!)


Birrd said...

Love Fred! Aren't you glad I named him Fred? And love the berries! Wish I was there!

GStaples said...

What great helpers you have!!!