Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Photogenic Group

Dad has wanted to go to Monument Valley for years.
It was fun to see him so involved.
Dad, Joe and I were the main photographers in the group.
But even those who weren't shutterbugs seemed to have a good time.
Ted & Caleb sat in the back and talked about math for the entire 3.5 hour tour...

Our tour vehicle was a pickup with what I think was a sawed-off converted schoolbus attached to it. It was tolerably comfortable, but then I personally like bouncy dirt roads. (Dad doesn't, but even he thought it was worth it, to go out into Monument Valley).

We got ONE group photo.
It's in Joe's camera (his sensor is better than mine).
This was the prep photo that I set up so that our guide would get the whole group (including me).
I don't know where the dog came from. But he sure liked the boys.

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