Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soft Spot for Snakes

This green tree python was the prettiest snake in the zoo.

I also quite liked the Hopi rattlesnakes
(Croatalus viridis nuntius)

This cottonmouth has got to be about the fattest snake
I've ever seen.
We got to see it slither to its pond and drink,
which was one of my zoo trip highlights.

We all enjoyed the small animal house reptiles very much.
I did not get good pictures of the Siamese crocodiles,
but I had a very good time watching them.
They were mostly very still, but they would occasionally let out small air bubbles underneath the water, and then rise very gently to take a breath, and their nostrils would unseal. I found this fascinating but the kids had a hard time standing around watching patiently.

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