Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spirit Cookies and Holey Bread

I am up at my parents' house for Christmas week.
We had a Solstice Party on the 21st and my brother's family came too.
We stayed up very late and watched the lunar eclipse (as well as we could through the partly cloudy skies) and we made cookies.
Mom had just bought a cookie press from Pampered Chef, to use making "spritz" cookies.
When my dad was little he used to call them "spirit" cookies (because he couldn't pronounce "spritz".) We thought that was very cute.
Here's Mom & Benjamin practicing with the cookie press:

DRAT this thing!!

But the baked cookies look pretty cute after all
(and they taste marvelous.)

Mom also let her bread rise too high during this last baking and we ended up with holey bread. It is perfect for frying an egg inside, though, which is what I had for breakfast today!

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