Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swim, anyone?

One may swim in the pool below Calf Creek falls.
One MAY, but it is mighty cold.
I have only been in water that cold once or twice.
I do belong to the toe-dipping, gradually immersing school of bathers,
and this pool took awhile to get up to my neck.
It was pretty breathtaking once I did.
But, having worn my swimsuit under my clothes while hiking,
I was not going to waste the opportunity for a wilderness bathe!
The photos have to be enlarged to see my face,
grimacing from the cold,
as I swim a few strokes.

There was a definite plus: hiking back, I stayed nice and cool.
(Thank goodness for modern fabric developments;
it was great to wear a wet swimsuit beneath my nifty REI hiker-designed pants but it would have been miserable beneath jeans.)

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