Monday, February 8, 2010

Mystery Dessert

This was dessert.
I had fun with the "guess that ingredient" here.
What's that white stuff?
And the pink stuff under it?
Well, one was baked, and the other poured over the top:

Here's the clue.
The recipe was cherry bread pudding.
I used home bottled pie cherries.
A quart of those, drained,
with 2 cups fine white bread crumbs
and about a quarter cup honey
and a little of the reserved juice,
all put in the food processor.
Yes, of course medieval cooks didn't use food processors,
but they WOULD have if they'd had them.

The white stuff was a custard sauce--
not bad, but very bland without vanilla.

It was Different.
Don't make it for picky kids.
But for adventurous adults,
it went over pretty well.

1 comment:

Glenda said...

What interesting cooking you have been doing! Looks good and different. I used to make a lot of bread puddings when I worked at Bullocks Pasadena, (during high school days). We would use left over blueberry muffins, orange bread and date breads). I loved the sauce we made to go over it. When the custard sauce was still warm we would pour it over some fresh strawberries, yum! I didn't care for the bread pudding part.