Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dinner Adventures

This is a Rulon Burger.
It is 1.5 pounds of hamburger,
named after Rulon Gardner,
a U.S. Olympic gold medal heavyweight wrestler.
It's big enough for four people to share, comfortably.
I shared it with my fellow travelers
on the way home from Yellowstone.
(I will post pix and stuff about that later,
when I get caught up with my life post-trip).

Anyway, I had always been curious about Rulon Burgers,
because several times I had driven through Star Valley, WY
and I knew about the place,
but my parents never wanted to stop.
So I finally got a chance last night.
The burger is pretty good, especially considering what a challenge it must be to cook it.
It was kind of fun to get a burger that huge
and then cut it up into fourths like a pie
and serve it (after taking silly pictures first).
We were the last ones in the dining area,
and the restaurant was shutting down when we left.
Well, I left my camera on the table.
(I never do that- I've never done it before.)
We realized it about 20 minutes later,
and zoomed back to the restaurant/store,
just in time to knock on the glass and have the server see us,
recognize me, and hurry over with the camera.
I was so grateful to get it back safely!!


Linda said...

Wow! What can I say? I've always wondered what it would look like.

Birrd said...

Glad you got your camera back. Looks yummy. I bet my oldest could eat an entire one by himself.