Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Snowshoeing Cabin Trip

This weekend I went with the OAC on a cabin trip up Fairview Canyon, about 2 hours south of here. There's no snow left in Provo Valley but up the canyon there were still several feet of snow. We snowshoed into a rustic cabin (owned by the family of one of the club members) and stayed overnight. No water, no electric, and no heat but for the fireplace, but there was a snug roof and extra mattresses to sleep on-- girls upstairs, guys downstairs.

It's very beautiful up there!

We had marshmallows to share and folks brought their own foil dinners (that's Alyssa with the marshmallow and Brian with his dinner). The club made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. We had about 20 people there total.

Emily Jane even packed in her guitar! She sang a variety of things, from John Denver to Collective Soul. She's good!

The next day, folks went sledding on the hill behind the cabin. I mostly photographed (that's Emily Jane going over the sled jump, and Emerson watching.)

Some folks opted to just relax on the couch by the fire for awhile, feet on the hearthstone.


Sarah said...

I wish I could have gone with! It looks like SO much fun!

CStanford said...

Spiffy cabin - did it truly have no running water? I guess in the winter you can melt snow, but is there a well or something?

I really would like to try snowshoeing some day.

Dr. Croc said...

No running water in the winter. In the summer they do have water. And a generator. Off season it is considerably more primitive.
But snowshoeing IS fun. I bought a pair on clearance at REI, and they can be rented very cheaply ($7 a weekend or so), so you should try it with me sometime.